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ABOUT Kalida

Hello, I’m Kalida, owner, and operator of Williams & Company. I am also a wife and a mother!! I am excited that you've taken the time to visit my website and learn more about me and my business. I am beyond ecstatic to have developed a business that allows me to bring together three of my talents into one business.

I have had a love of photography since I was in high school (more than 20 years ago) and was given a camera by my grandfather who also loved to take pictures. I was always seen with a camera or in the darkroom developing pictures! ;) I took my love of photography with me on to college and was studying for my photography degree until all of my photography equipment was stolen out of my car during exams. That prompted me to move on to other interests.

About 18 years ago I fell into event planning because I was having fun planning family and friends events which included showers, birthday parties, and weddings. I continued to plan events for a few years until my family continued to grow and my workload changed.

In 2008 I started a small consulting business to help service business clients I came in contact with who were building their small businesses. I saw a need to use my skillset to provide services to those who needed some guidance.

In 2017 I made a decision that I would stop trying to pick just one of the things I love to do as my business, but rather, pull them together for an awesome business concept.

It is with great pleasure that I am able to take my love's, my passions and my talents and offer them to you for your needs. I want to help you be great whether it's developing your business, planning your event or capturing your memories.

Contact me today so we can discuss your needs and how Williams & Company can be of service to you!


Until our consultation.....