Our branding includes anything that deals with your personal brand and/or your business.

We offer Headshots, Personal Branding and Product photography for a well rounded branded and professional appearance. We love working with business executives, entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches, bloggers, podcasters, etc. We are here to help take you and your business to the next level with beautiful and meaningful images.

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Wisconsin Headshot Photographer


Headshots are a must have for executive business professionals, speakers, entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches and even students. Headshots are also a great way to enhance your online presence whether on your website, social media platforms, marketing materials and potentially even resumes.


I believe that your headshot speaks without using words and I want you to have a headshot that makes someone stop to take a second look. 


At KWP we love having the opportunity to capture headshots that wow our clients. We are available for studio or onsite work with individuals and teams.


Personal branding photography is imagery that communicates your brand story and connects with your audience in order to grow your business. It is a game-changer for creatives, bloggers, consultants, coaches, podcasters, authors and especially entrepreneurs. Even business executives in corporate positions can take advantage of personal branding photography. It goes beyond a simple headshot and is designed to elevate your professionalism, your business image and set you apart from the crowd.


My goal with branding photography is to help you create beautiful and meaningful imagery that tells a story, connects you to your audience, builds brand recognition and helps you grow your business.


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