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Prop Ideas for Your Branding Photoshoot

Struggling to determine what props you should have for your branding session? Props are commonly a missed opportunity in brand photography because most people just think about their outfits, hair, makeup and photographer before they think about props. Props can help tell a story or create a whole vibe in your branding session.

Milwaukee Branding Photographer

When I prep my clients for their branding sessions props are one of the number one things we discuss. I always provide a list of ideas, but we talk about their brand and what message they want to communicate.

Here are a few common questions I ask:

  • What do you do in your spare time or your hobbies?

  • What are the tools of your trade?

  • What is your creative process like?

  • What product or service are you offering?

The answers to the above questions allow us to begin drafting a full list of props that could be used during the session. It's important to determine what "story" you want to tell with your branding images so that you're not incorporating props that don't support the goals.

Below are a few ideas of commonly used props in branding sessions that might help you begin to put together a list for your upcoming session.

Cell Phone

Milwaukee Aesthetician


Milwaukee Branding Photographer


Milwaukee Branding Photographer

Favorite Snack

Milwaukee Brand Photography



Milwaukee Personal Branding Photographer

I usually recommend 3-5 props for a branding session, but it is definitely determined based upon the brand story you are trying to tell within your images.

Milwaukee Personal Brand Photography

Interested in downloading my Prop Planning Worksheet for your Branding Session?

This worksheet provides more prop ideas for your branding session to ensure you're creating something to reach your audience!


Brand Photographer Kalida Williams


Milwaukee Brand Photographer + Strategist

Kalida is a Branding, Headshot & Product Photographer located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that helps creatives and business entrepreneurs elevate their brands through brand strategy and meaningful brand imagery that allows them to gain visibility & credibility in their industry.

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