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Selecting Locations for Your Branding Session

Most times when you think of a photoshoot for branding you tend to think of being in the studio. Well, great branding images are actually not all photographed in the studio.

Milwaukee Branding Photographer
Client: Yoisha Spraggins of Cooking with YO

Yes, are you wondering where we were in this pic? LOL Riding on carts at Target that's where.

The picture above is from my branding session with Yoisha Spraggins of Cooking with YO. Yoisha is a culinary influencer who also has a flair for events. In preparation for her session we did some assessment on what messages she wanted to convey and one of them was her happy place of Target. We captured shots in various spots in Target that tied to her love of decor for the home and kitchen.

When planning your branding session locations are important because they will help tell the story about what you do best.

Here are some things to consider when brainstorming locations for your branding session:

  • Where you work - This could be your office, work studio, home office, co-working space, kitchen, your couch or even a local coffee shop. Where do you typically do your work that people are seeing? People want to see that!

  • Where you get inspiration - Most times we get inspiration from a number of places so give your viewers an idea of where that might be. Is it a trip to Target in the home decor section looking at all the florals and candles? Is it the grocery store shopping for ingredients?

  • If renting is an option - You also want to consider if renting a location (such as an Airbnb) is a consideration as well. There are lots of Airbnb's that have great aesthetic and you can capture a great variety of images whether in the kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, balconies, etc. It is important to know what content you need to determine what location or locations will work best.

Where else did we go for Yoisha's branding session? We took a stroll through Meir's grocery store and wine departments and then utilized her home in the living room, dining room and most definitely the kitchen where the magic happens.

If you're planning a branding photoshoot start thinking now of potential locations that help tell your story and tie well with your brand aesthetic.

Hope you found this information helpful! Be sure to keep up with the blog for more tips and resources.


Brand Photographer Kalida Williams


Brand Photographer + Strategist

Kalida is a Branding, Headshot & Product Photographer located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that helps creatives and business entrepreneurs elevate their brands through brand strategy and meaningful brand imagery that allows them to gain visibility & credibility in their industry.


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