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5 Ways to Use Your Branding Images

Milwaukee Branding Photography

Branding images can be very vital to building your brand in many ways. When preparing for a branding session it will be very important to determine how you need to use your brand images to ensure that you and the photographer have a plan to capture what you need. There are so many uses for branding images and this is truly just a shortlist to get you thinking so you don't just sit on your branding images once you have them.


The number one way that a lot of my clients use their branding images is through social media graphics. Below is a graphic set designed by me for client Chloe Simelton of Royal Crowns 'N Kinks to help her begin to elevate her brand presence on social media.


This is a great way to show your face and say "hey" or "thank you to a client. Take a look at the order Thank You cards I designed for Client Teasha Chestnut of Sugarholic Desserts. This is the backside of the card that offers her customers drink pairing options to go with their selected dessert they ordered.

Atlanta Personal Branding Photoshoot


Media Banners can be anything from a Facebook banner, YouTube banner, Blog banner, Twitter, etc. It's a great way of directing a visitor's attention toward specific information and or drawing them into your brand. Take a peek below at a banner design for clients' Brunch with Bestie Podcast.

Milwaukee Brand Designer


Templates for the brand are yet a great way for your customers to see your face from time to time. I love creating template graphics for my clients that they are able to use for so many purposes over many different platforms. Here's a template set that I created for client Teasha Chestnut.

Atlanta Brand Designer


Your clients will expect to see your face when they visit your website so be sure to use your images across your platform to ensure they see you! Consider your banners, pop ups and about me pages. Feel free to take a peak at the website I designed for client Gail R Cunningham and see how we were able to use her brand images throughout her website.

Milwaukee Website Designer

A few more ways to use your brand photos:

  1. Profile Photos

  2. Blog

  3. Email Newsletter

  4. Presentation Slides

  5. Business Cards

  6. Media/Press Kit

  7. Email Signatures

  8. Brochures/Flyers & other printed business collateral

  9. Retractable Banners & other displays

  10. Pinterest Graphics

Hope you found this information helpful and you're able to put your branding photos to great use. Don't have any branding photos for your brand? Please reach out and schedule a Discovery Chat so we can develop your brand presence!

Note: All graphics above were designed by myself through Kalida Creative Co. Graphic design services are exclusive to my branding clients.


Milwaukee Brand Photographer Kalida Williams


Brand Photographer + Strategist

Kalida is a Branding, Headshot & Product Photographer located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that helps creatives and business entrepreneurs elevate their brands through brand strategy and meaningful brand imagery that allows them to gain visibility & credibility in their industry.


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