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Selecting a Makeup Artist for Your Headshot or Branding Session

Milwaukee Makeup Artists

This by far is a conversation that is imperative to great photos. When you are investing in images that will be the staple of you and your brand your makeup is extremely important. Makeup for headshots and branding is NOT the same as makeup for a special event or even in some cases your annual family portrait. In those situations, you are looking for a little something extra, something you don't wear on a daily basis, something to make you feel like another person. While that's all fine for event makeup it's definitely NOT fine for your headshot or branding photos. I always try to tell my clients that you should look like yourself, just enhanced. You'll want to leave the cut creases, smokey eyes and strong contours for another time.

Milwaukee Headshot Photographer
Makeup by: Krystal Hardy of Krystal Danielle Beauty

When having makeup done, you want it to look like something you might wear daily with a little spruce. I personally don't wear makeup often, however, when I do you can tell I have makeup on but I don't look like a completely different person.

Milwaukee Headshot Photographer
Makeup by: Brandy Watkins of Brandy Watkins Beauty

When it comes to finding a makeup artist for brand photography every makeup artist might tell you that they can do what you need. However, you need to see their work to ensure. My recommendation is to review their website, social media and any other place that would allow you to see their work. Ask yourself what you see consistently in their work. Is it fully glammed makeup with strong contouring or extreme eyeshadow? If so, that tells you that that's what they are either good at or enjoy doing and that's not the makeup artist you want or need for a headshot or branding photoshoot. You need NATURAL , if their social media feed doesn't provide at least 50% of clients with clean natural makeup then you probably need to find someone else and save them for another time.

Milwaukee Headshot Photographer
Makeup by: Jenna Hayes of Makeup by Jenna

In most cases, your photographer can provide you with some reputable professional makeup artist recommendations. Keep in mind that you are about to invest in branding images or headshots that will represent you and your brand all over the world wide web and you want to ensure that you are showcasing the best image possible so investing in a great makeup artist is vital. I provide my clients with referrals based on their needs.

Milwaukee Headshot Photography
Makeup by: Cherry Amora of Hello Beautiful

Below are a few Professional Makeup Artists I've worked with and who do great work. Some have work shown above.

Krystal Hardy

Cherry Amora

Alise Patterson

Jenna Hayes

Quesa Williams

Brandy Watkins

Chanel Hines

I hope these tips to finding your ideal makeup artist have been helpful. If you are needing more in-depth support in choosing a makeup artist for your branding session, let's book a Discovery Chat. I look forward to working with you in making your brand narrative a success.


Milwaukee Brand Photographer Kalida Williams


Brand Photographer + Strategist

Kalida is a Branding and Headshot Photographer located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that helps creatives and business entrepreneurs elevate their brands through brand strategy and meaningful brand imagery that allows them to gain visibility & credibility in their industry.


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